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Typography: Inktober Challenge in Expressive Kufic

This project has been dated from 2016 but it’s never too late to feature awesome challenges. We are following the work of Cairo-based typographer Ehab Elhamzawy on his Inktober Challenge. He had to challenge himself and create 31 different versions of the word « INKTOBER » in expressive kufic in results of the everyday feeling. It’s quite impressive and I am sure it wasn’t an easy task. Let’s check them out!

Ehab Elhamzawy is a typographer based in Cairo, Egypt. He is focusing his work into Typography, Graphic Design and Illustration; you should definitely follow his work on Behance.

This was my first time to join @inktober challenge and i just wanted to make it a little bit harder to me so that i can call it a Real CHALLENGE!! So i decided to type the same word « INKTOBER » 31 times with a 31 different Kufic style that express the feeling of each day’s prompt. And here is a 12 designs of them hope to love them as i do.


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