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Butcher Billy’s Stranger Tales: S2

Stranger Things 2, have you watched it yet? This is again a SPOILER FREE feature! I truly loved the second season and I am currently re-watching the first season since it’s just that good. For the occasion, I stumbled across this very cool illustration series by Butcher Billy. He did indeed re-create the style and tribute to the 80s with the textures, typography and of course the illustrations. I absolutely love that he also applied the very same stylish treatment to Atari cartridges. Please enjoy!

Butcher Billy is a designer/illustrator based in Curitiba, Brazil. He definitely has a distinctive style of illustration that might remind you from the comics of your childhood.

« Atari video games, Stephen King pulp paperbacks, Eerie comic books, Dario Argento B-Horror movies, MTV punks… these are some of the stranger things of the 80’s. »

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